Waldlaufer is a German shoe company that specialises in wide fitting shoes. We stock F, G and H fitting  Waldlaufer shoes and the shoes themselves give a lot of comfort and support.  All the Waldlaufer shoes have a removable insole.  We stock sizes 2 and a half to 9.

Hesima Lace Up in Silver & White  76

Heliett in Blue  62

Ginger in Grey and White  62

Hesima Loafer in Pale Gold  76

Hesima Velcro Shoe in Navy  76

Herki Sandal in Grey  69

Harriet in Pale Grey Patent  76

Haruna in Blue  62

Haruna in Grey Flower  62

Helinda in Metallic Grey  62

Hina in Navy  76

Holly in Blue and Grey  76

Herki in Blue and Grey  69

Henni Lace in White and Multi  76

 Hadera in Pink Patent  76

Hanila in Multi  62

Hiroko in Beige 76

Havy in Silver  62

Honora in Red  76

Hassi Lace Up in Blue  76

Holly Tex Boot (waterproof) in Brown  99

Hanami in Black and Grey Leopard Patent  76

Hegli in Black Patent  76

Hilaria Heeled Boot in Black Suede  95  SALE 67

Harriet in Brunello  76  SALE 53


Hesima in Silver  76  SALE 53

Horta in White and Silver 76  SALE 53






Haisha Velcro in Black  76  SALE 53

Hinata in Grey Patent  76  SALE 53



















































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